• Rules for Organizers (EN)

    Rules for Organizers (EN)

    It is very important to respect the spirit of the group and all its rules. It has been a hard work to create a popular group like this one from nothing. These rules are here to avoid past mistakes.There are different types of Roles in Meetup(Organizers). In this group only the roles “Co-Organizer” and “Assistant […]

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  • No dejes rastro (ES)

    No dejes rastro (ES)

    Si quieres disfrutar de tus experiencias al aire libre y también quieres que otros disfruten de tu camino de la misma manera que tú lo estás haciendo, sigue esta guía sobre los conceptos básicos del comportamiento que se espera de ti cuando vas de excursión.

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  • Leave no trace (EN)

    Leave no trace (EN)

    If you want enjoy your outdoor experiences and also want others to enjoy your track the same way that you are enjoying it, follow this guide about the basics of the behaviour that it is expected from you when you go hiking.

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  • Essentials of Hiking (EN)

    Essentials of Hiking (EN)

    Everyone that hikes away from a trailhead should be carrying the twelve essentials in their backpack. The 12 essentials are the top 12 most important things to carry with you when hiking or backpacking:

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  • Membership Rules (EN)

    Membership Rules (EN)

    The Organizer pays a monthly fee to to maintain the group and also this site. To cover this costs all members can make donations to the Event Organizer when they take part in any event or they can buy any products from our online store (click here).

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  • Normes del Grup (CAT)

    Normes del Grup (CAT)

    Mantenir aquesta pàgina i el grup a li costa a l’Organitzador una tarifa mensual. Aquesta tarifa s’intentarà cobrir amb les donacions que els participants de les activitats vulguin fer i amb les vendes que es facin a la tenda del grup (pulsa aquí).

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