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Before you were allowed to join our group, you had to accept Meetup’s Terms of Service. One of the most important sections in these terms as an Event Host, is Section 6 which refers to liability. Here is a link for your review. In simple language, you and only you, are responsible for your safety at all times if you participate in an event with this group. By joining an event you are also accepting the list below. This second check has to be done, because of Catalan legislation (Decret 333/2002 Art. 7), just to make clear that you accept to be a co-organizer of the event.

  • Signing up for any activity of this group means having read and accepted the Membership Rules.
  • Any activity of this group is not proposed by any company or professional guide, it is simply made public to invite whoever wants to accompany its Host in it, which implies:
    • The activity is free, only the costs of travel and accommodation are shared.
    • Each participant is responsible for assessing whether his/her own physical and technical level is adequate for the activity (check his/her own experience with the Technical Data). It is advisable to be insured, visit the FEEC site for more information. You can also get an insurance from RACC.
    • The route may not be signposted or well defined in some of its parts, so it can generate a feeling of loss or temporary lack of control by having to explore paths, go back and even cause the alteration of the planned route that can cause changes. in the distance and elevation gain.
    • There is no guaranteed time to finish the route as it depends on various factors: actual start time, pace, difficulties encountered, etc.
    • In no case, the person who proposes the activity can be considered responsible for possible damages or losses derived from the participation in it. Each attendee will be responsible for himself and participating in this activity implies acceptance of the rules of this group. By attending any activity of this group you give your tacit and unequivocal agreement to the terms of this paragraph.


  • You are free to join any of the events that the Organizer or an Assistant Organizer promotes for the group.
  • Before you were allowed to join Meetup, you had to check a box saying you read and agreed to Meetup’s Terms of Service. Here is a link for your review.
  • It is responsability of every Member of this group to search information about the published events in this group or ask the Event Host for that information. You make the decission to attend to an event based on that information.
  • If you sign up for any event, you have the responsibility and the duty to determine and bring the equipment that you consider necessary for its realization. The Event Host is not responsible for this aspect. The host can share with you what material will be brought for him/her. You should not depend on any third party with respect to your equipment.
  • Nobody is in charge to lead, organize and/or plan any event of this Meetup group. All people attending an event lead, organize and plan the event, the whole group is responsible for all incidents that may happen. The Organizer and Assistant Organizers only manage the content of this Meetup Group.
  • The Barcelona Hiking & Outdoors Group is not a Hiking Association (Centro Excursionista) or a organized association under the supervision of any sport regulation entity and no member of this group who is a professional specialized in mountain sports (guides, trainers, etc.) is supervising it. Therefore all the content involving an event have to be taken as an advice and it is responsability of each person to follow them or not.
  • It is strongly recommended that everyone who participates in any of the events has an insurance as specified above. IMPORTANT NOTICE:
    • Having a FEEC licence does not make anybody a professional of mountain sports unless he has any other qualifications.
    • Having a FEEC licence means that the person that have it has paid the fee for an insurance covering some mountain activities depending on the licence type (the Organizer has a D-licence, for example). Having a FEEC licence only proves that you belong to a mountain association and that you have enough money to pay the licence fees. FEEC does not ask for any qualifications for their licences.
    • Do not trust anybody who says that he/she can organize and be responsible of any event just because he/she has a FEEC licence. Request other qualifications from him/her, check the following link to read the catalan and spanish legislation about this issue.
  • All members of The Barcelona Hiking & Outdoors Group have to be considered only as mountain sport fans and no one should be considered a professional of any mountain sport. Our intention is only to help you to share activities that other members are going to do.
  • Mountain sports carry some risks that you should not ignore. Every member of this group should know them and decide freely to accept them.